Why are Skunks in my Yard?

Leaning the reason that skunks choose your lawn rather than the others in the neighborhood is all that is necessary to prevent this problem in the future. You may need to call for wildlife removal fort myers fl right now but in the future, you won’t endure those worries. There are numerous reasons why skunks may make their way into your lawn. Those reasons include:

·    Food Sources: Skunks alternate their meals between animals and plants. Their item of choice depends on the season. Insects, earthworms, and grubs are the skunk’s favorite foods. They’ll dig holes in the yard searching for these items, which causes quiet the destruction.  Berries, leaves, and nuts also make skunks happy and they’ll dig through garbage cans to find them. The best way to keep skunks from entering the yard for food is to eliminate the sources.

·    Shelter: Skunks need a safe shelter and look under patios, decks, and in/underneath sheds to find that safety to protect themselves against predators. Many skunks burrow and build dens, digging up to one-foot underground. In the winter, you may find multiple skunks or animals in these dens. Fence off deck and patio access, keep wood areas closed off as well.

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·    Call a Professional: Professional skunk removal experts can determine if skunks are on your property and promptly remove them if so. Costs for wildlife removal vary but they can also set up barriers to help protect against future problems. It is a small price to pay for such superior results.

Use the information above if you want to keep skunks off of your property. No yard is off-limits for a skunk if it is set up to attract a skunk, rest assured they will come. The tips above can help keep the skunks out of you yard and realm of worry.