Globalization As Reason For Professional Translation Work

At the turn of the twentieth century, the world was already growing smaller. While globalization was not in their dictionaries back then, it was already happening for all the millions of people who were directly or indirectly affected by it. It changed lives, mostly for the better but unfortunately for many others, also for the worst. There were two world wars, not so? It has been argued that if people were better able to communicate, the walls would have come done a long time ago.

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Instead, walls, and worse, were being built. And it was only after much damage was done that the powers that be and all other influential stakeholders proceeded to break down those walls. Back then, people in their thousands were migrating from one continent to the next. Today it is still happening. And as it was then, the challenges of communication remain as acute as ever. What one person attempts to say to the other needs to be translated.

But it also requires the literary and digital work of a certified translation services hartford board or app for that translation to be understood, word for word, sentence for sentence, paragraph for paragraph, in its full context, so that there may be no misunderstandings or miscommunications. Otherwise, the lines remain very blurry indeed. And for some, it is a lot worse. There is this everyday uphill battle to survive, from one day into the next, in a strange and foreign town where literally no one speaks that person’s Mother tongue.

Or for that person to be able to communicate effectively enough in the local lingua franca. And yet still. How these migrants do pull through. You wonder now what they’ve been doing on their mobiles all this time.